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Accounts Receivable Factoring at Work: Case Studies

Three case studies highlighting the power of accounts receivable factoring when used in the right situations. Companies at their most basic level are in the business [...]

Small Business Factoring: The Smart Choice

Invoice factoring for small business quickly converts receivables into cash. Small business factoring is an excellent alternative to traditional bank loans and cash advances. Businesses selling to [...]

Invoice Factoring 101: Picking the Best Factoring Company

Choosing an invoice factoring company can be a confusing process. This guide will help cut through the noise. Waiting for your customers to pay is [...]

Small Business Loans: The Definitive Guide

Everything you wanted to know about business loans. In the past decade alternative small business (SMB) lending has taken off as banks retreated. The aftermath [...]

Invoice Factoring for Startups: Cheaper and Faster than Venture Capital

For certain startups, invoice factoring is a much faster and cheaper alternative than venture capital.