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For B2B companies, payment terms are long and getting longer.

We offer funding solutions for B2B companies seeking to bridge cash flow gaps and fuel growth.


Credit Lines From
$50k - $5mm
Advances Up to
90% of Invoice
Funds Reach You in
Less than 24 hours


SourceFunding SizeInterest and FeesProcess
Harper Partners$50k – $5mm1.0% – 3.0% per month, paid only when invoice is paid by your customerCredit lines are set up within 2-5 business days. Once set up, funds reach your account within 24 hours
Banks & SBA’sTypically over $1mmAnnual interest rates starting at 5%Low approval rate for small businesses, often months of diligence before funding
Equity Investors$50k to well over $1mmAngels and VCs seek 10x-20x returns – significantly diluting your ownership and controlMonths of fundraising, negotiation, and diligence. Occupies significant company time and resources
Cash Advance LendersUp to $250kAnnual Percentage Rates (APRs) regularly exceed 100%. Payback drawn daily from bank account regardless of when your customers pay you1-7 days for diligence and funding. Typically paid back within 6-9 months