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Payroll coming up? Harper offers fast and flexible payroll funding solutions.

Funding payroll can be challenging when your business’ cash flow is constantly changing. Your customers could take 60 days or longer to pay, but your employees need to be paid much sooner. If you need funding for payroll, Harper Partners provides the best solution! We deliver flexible payroll financing for almost any industry.

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Harper Partners uses invoice factoring to fund payroll quickly and easily.

Unlike taking out a loan, financing payroll with invoice factoring is both fast and flexible. Because the funding comes from the sales of receivables, it’s not debt! This makes it easier to be approved and far more flexible. Rather than waiting for a client or buyer to pay, Harper Partners’ purchases the unpaid account receivables at near face value and provides immediate cash to your company. Your business will be able to steady cash flow and cover immediate business expenses.

Advance payroll funding can finance your payroll and staffing needs.

Many businesses reach a point where funding payroll becomes challenging. Situations like this are usually due to a lack of short term cash flow caused by long payment terms, fast growth or seasonality. Imagine you’ve signed a large client, did a great job for them, and now won’t be paid for 75+ days. Meanwhile, your employees worked overtime to deliver for that client and payroll is due this week… Slow paying clients can quickly drag down business growth and cause cash flow issues. Our advance payroll funding helps you free cash trapped in AR to cover employee-related expenses.

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Working with Harper, you can focus on serving your clients, not worrying about payroll.

The benefits of payroll funding are many.

  • High advance rate and low cost: Receive up to 90% of your invoice’s face value, while factoring cost can be as low as 1% per month
  • Companies and owners with bad credit can be approved: Your customers’ credit matters more than yours. Factoring analyzes the creditworthiness of your customer, not your business or personal credit. This is great for earlier stage businesses or those that don’t quite qualify for bank lending
  • Available at every stage of growth: Payroll funding is available and used by companies from startups to large corporations
  • Available to many industries: Staffing and payroll, trucking and transportation, digital media, advertising and technology are just a few industries Harper provides payroll financing to
  • Optimize working capital: Payroll funding smooths working capital swings caused by customers with longer payment terms, sales seasonality or rapid growth. Steady working capital positions you to cover short term cash needs as well as fuel long term growth

Below are just a few of the industries we serve. Don’t see your industry? Don’t worry, we likely work with it! Give us a call at (310) 817-0376 or email sales@joinharper.com to learn more.

The Harper Solution

Harper offers payroll funding solutions based on your company’s receivables. We understand the difficulties that come from balancing delayed invoice payments. Cash flow slows to a crawl and upcoming expenses cause much more worry. Our financial solution advances cash instantly on unpaid invoices and allows you to pay your employees and vendors without a hitch.

To find out more about Harper’s advance payroll funding solutions, reach out to us on our Get Started page, call (310) 817-0376 or send us a message in the chatbox below.