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Harper helps Texas businesses reach their growth potential.

Texas is an economic engine for the United States. By itself, the state is the 12th largest economy in the world (ahead of South Korea and Australia). In addition to its dominance in the energy industry, many advanced technology and healthcare companies call the Lone Star State home. Texas companies deserve a financial partner that understands the businesses, technology and work ethic driving the state’s dynamism.

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Texas-based startups and small businesses are often turned down by national and regional banks.

The banking industry as a whole has retreated from small business lending after the financial crisis. Factoring companies can provide a fast and reasonably-priced financing alternative – enhancing cash flow, funding operations and fueling growth. However, finding the right factoring company partner is essential. Your partner should understand your business and be flexible to how you operate. The relationship should be more than just that of an arms-length capital provider – instead, a trusted partner that can scale with your business. Working with a factoring company like Harper Partners, which specializes in industries prevalent in Texas, offers the service and expertise your company deserves.

Factoring companies in Texas as well as trusted national factors provide funding which businesses rely on to cover expenses and invest in growth.

Factoring companies help businesses of all sizes grow by advancing them up to 90% of their accounts receivable balance upfront. Once your customer pays, the factoring company rebates the remaining balance to you, minus a small monthly fee ranging from 1% – 3%.

Factoring companies can also handle collections if requested, so you don’t have to worry about collecting payments or checking the credit of new customers. Business overhead is reduced by outsourcing accounting and admin functions to your factoring partner.

Texas Factoring Companies

Focus on delivering for your customers, not worrying about cash flow.

Invoice factoring is a great financial tool for companies in industries common to Texas. Don’t see your industry listed below? If you sell to other businesses or the government, we can work with you!

Companies qualify for factoring if they sell to another business or the government. Certain industries, such as trucking and manufacturing, frequently take 45+ days to pay their vendors. Faced with these payment terms, many businesses struggle to generate steady cash flow and can’t self-fund growth. Seasonality of certain industries also does not help. Factoring helps businesses facing lengthy payment terms, rapid growth or seasonal fluctuations.

Our Texas factoring clients came to us for different reasons but all with the same goal – steadying cash flow so that management can refocus on growth.

Texas Factoring Companies

Harper works with companies in Houston, Dallas / Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, Arlington, Corpus Christi and many other areas of Texas.

We are a factoring company that serves clients all over the U.S., across many different industries. However, we’re particularly adept at funding technology, energy and transportation businesses. Our deal sizes range from $50k to $5mm with factoring rates from 1% – 3% per month. We’ve worked with tech-enabled energy startups (both VC funded and bootstrapped), aerospace companies, transportation companies and business service providers to name just some of our clients. Along with funding, Harper provides financial consulting, fundraising resources and other partnership benefits.

To find out more about Harper Partners and invoice financing, reach out to us on our Get Started page, call (310) 817-0376 or send us a message in the chatbox below.