9 Best Billing Software for Small Businesses (That Aren’t QuickBooks)

Billing is critical for every business, see what’s best in class.

You just completed the big project, hit your targets, and the client is ecstatic. Backslaps all around and on to the next one right? Wait, you still have to to bill – no cash equals no business. Ever wonder what else is out there besides QuickBooks to meet your billing needs?

The Harper team asked around, dug deep, and came back with the 9 best billing software products on the market. A big takeaway: most software now is not just invoicing but also time tracking, expense reporting, full suite accounting and even payment acceptance. Check out our side-by-side comparison and description of each product below. Happy billing ya’ll!


best billing software

There’s a lot of good choices out there!


Simple, straightforward invoicing software that was built for mobile. Create and send invoices from your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Customers can pay via debit or credit card or PayPal from their mobile device.


Well reviewed and popular full suite accounting software. Invoicing features are easy to use and fully mobile responsive. Accept credit card payments directly on the invoice. The billing functionalities are a part of the broader software and thus integrates seamlessly if you’re using FreshBooks for your accounting.


Very popular full suite accounting software. New Zealand-based company that claims to be “the QuickBooks alternative”. Integrates with a host of other third party software including many invoicing products. Has seen very rapid adoption, though some online reviews have complained of a lack of customer service at times and multi-currency features.


Free accounting and invoicing software. Wave claims to be the world’s fastest growing small business accounting software. Users, not surprisingly, love that it’s free and generally has enough features for most small businesses. The paid features include HR management and expert advice. Wave has a mobile app to send invoices and tag receipts but unfortunately not for general accounting usage.

best billing software is not excel

All of these products are at least a better option than spreadsheets.


Time tracking and billing software that has been around since 2006. It’s popular with project-based (agencies, consultancies, development shops) small businesses that use it to track billable hours. Users like the simplicity of tracking work hours and invoicing clients from the same dashboard.


Free accounting and invoicing software. A relatively young company compared to the others, however ZipBooks is very well reviewed by users, who love its simplicity, price (free!) and seamless billing functionality. Customer support is also a strength according to reviewers, however, the company is newer and smaller than some of its competitors. An iOS app is available but no Android app out yet.

Zoho Invoice

Part of the broader Zoho suite of software products that includes accounting, inventory management, and expense reporting, Zoho Invoice is a well rated software that gets the job done. It’s free service allows 1 user to invoice up to 25 customers and gives potential customers a chance to try out the product indefinitely.


The successor software to Curdbee was launched in 2014. It started out with some kinks but has ironed out many of the issues that plagued earlier versions. It’s free version is enough for a freelancer or very small business to run all their billing through (unlimited clients and invoices).


Field service management software that helps contractors, technicians, and others manage their employees, work orders, scheduling, and billing. Started by two Lockheed Martin engineers in 2007, the Company emphasizes customer support, which is reflected in its clients’ reviews. For field service businesses, this product really hits the target.


According to the 2015 Small Business Accounting Report the biggest accounting issues facing small businesses today are accounts receivable / collections and cash flow.  Choosing the best billing software is a step in the right direction to address these issues.  If you’d like to learn more about solving AR and cash flow issues, schedule a complimentary consultation with Harper today and find out why so many small businesses choose to work with us.  Fill out your contact information here or call (323) 285-1462 to speak to a member of our team or submit your contact info here.  Best of luck!


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    Mango Billing is another great time and billing software solution starting at $15 per month. Please add to your future blogs. We do have an affiliate program.

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